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Comprehensive Testing Service

Jerry Lindquist, Ph.D., OTR offers a Comprehensive Testing Service Specializing in Children and Adolescents

When a professional is involved, when problems arise with children or teenagers, the family’s perspective is not often put to use. School problems, family conflict, problems with friends are many times seen in isolation. Our philosophy is to view the child in all surroundings to get a well-rounded picture of the child, considering both strengths and weaknesses.

Though we work closely with psychiatrists, medication is not seen as a "first-line" solution. We prefer to empower parents and work closely with the schools to provide the child with skills and strategies, working together toward a solution.

Parents are often confused when a child or a teenager becomes angry or irritable for no apparent reason. Unusual fears, lethargy, a lack of interest in usual things, problems concentrating, problems learning, problems with friends can all be puzzling and unsettling. This is especially true when such problems are long-standing. Parents, families, children can be in disarray when solution after solution is tried and fails. A wholistic perspective may be the answer. Problems can appear within the family, at school or with friends.

We can assess for:

• emotional problems such as anger or depression.

• learning problems such as difficulties with reading or writing, problems paying attention or remembering material, problems processing auditory or visual instructions.

• developmental issues such as motor or language delays, atypical social-emotional growth, autism, sensory integration deficits.

• family environment issues.

The following areas of assessment are offered:

• Psychological Evaluations

• Neuropsychological Testing

• Psychoeducational Evaluation

• Educational Testing

• Occupational Therapy Testing


Individual treatment and group therapy is available. We offer a multidisciplinary group therapy format for children of all ages having trouble with peers or family. Groups are ongoing.

Jerry Lindquist, Ph.D., OTR is a clinical psychologist and an occupational therapist. As an occupational therapist, he specializes in treating children for sensory processing disorders. His psychotherapeutic interven-tions are with a wide range of psychological, emotional or other adjustment difficulties experienced by children, adoles-cents, adults and families. He is experienced in marital, family and individual psychotherapy.

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